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We offer a truly authentic volunteering experience in Kenya.  Our mission is to achieve a sustainable human-wildlife balance, save many species of animals and to restore their habitats through hands-on activities.  And within our communities and schools, we are increasing awareness of the value of wildlife within our ecosystem.


TSAVO *click on the map to enlarge
TSAVO *click on the map to enlarge

Tsavo Volunteers was founded by Patrick Kilonzo, who comes from a community within the Tsavo Ecosystem*. The aim of this organization is to protect wildlife from the cruelty of human beings, and to mitigate the human-wildlife conflict that has persisted in the communities bordering Tsavo.

Tsavo Volunteers is based in Lumo Sanctuary, in the Tsavo West Ecosystem. Lumo Sanctuary is home to many elephants and is the biggest elephant migratory corridor in the region, hosting over 40 percent of all the elephants of Tsavo.
We host several animal species in the sanctuary and many bird species as well.


Tsavo Volunteers is based in Lumo Sanctuary, which is located in Tsavo West Ecosystem bordering Tsavo West National Park and Taita Hills Sanctuary. Lumo was founded in 1979 and has 4000 community members who contributed land for conservation purposes as well as a place to generate income for the community through tourism. This means that the benefits go back into the community, helping local children and meeting basic needs.

We are located at the base of the beautiful and famous Taita Hills, and inside Lumo you can spot Kilimanjaro, which is located in Tanzania. The Germans had a military base at our locationin the First World War during the fight against Great Britain, and much of the ruins are still there to see.


Tsavo Helps! Tsavo Volunteers is invested in its community. We run two nutrition programs in local schools, Latika Primary School and Mwashoti Primary School.  Our programs currently provide lunches to 160 children every day.  We also partner with local schools to provide wildlife and conservation education: we show conservation films, we plant trees and vegetables, and much more!