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School Van Project

This project deals with a problem that the primary school children in our community have. The little children in our Lumo Community have to walk a long distance on a dirt road through areas with dangerous wildlife to go to school.  They are often barefoot.  With this project we want to find funding for a new minivan to take these children safely to school.

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Giving children the tools for a better future: Books & Computers Project

There are over 40 primary and secondary schools within our region. We are asking for more literature which will enable us to help the poor children in the community. We would especially benefit from textbooks on subjects such as English grammar, math, science, computer programming, and using the Internet. Books on art and handicrafts would be especially beneficial for women in the communities as well. Last but not least, books that demonstrate farming methodologies will really help local farmers increase their food production, which in turn will benefit the entire community.

We also work hand in hand with Flo's Project Kenya; through their support, we offer assistance to many people, and the children have been especially grateful.

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Eco-friendly Solar Energy Project

Kenya is blessed with lots of sunshine, so solar is an excellent low-cost eco-friendly energy source. Tsavo residents live in clay houses without electricity and use wood for cooking.  This project aims to supply solar batteries, solar lamps and solar cookers (such as from Solar Cooker International) to provide reliable light and energy sources while reducing the burning of wood.

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