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Volunteers are expected to work Monday to Friday and the weekend is time to relax. During the weekends if any volunteer wants to travel or camp we can direct you to many different tour companies or offer you help as well.



NO walking at night

NO illegal drugs

NO leaving the property without proper arrangements

NO touching any wildlife at any time

In case of anything contact the management



We do not provide internet, however you can purchase an internet modem in Voi for 25 Euros, and pay to fill up the MB. For example 500 MB is 5 Euros.



We advise visitors to arrange flights to arrive in Mombasa (MOI International Airport), this airport is closer to our projects and saves on ground travel time. From Mombasa it is a 4-hour drive to the sanctuary.


When you give your travel information to Tsavo Volunteers one of our staff can meet with you at the airport.


We recommend a volunteer to stay at least one-week minimum or 4 weeks maximum. However, it is possible to arrange for a longer or shorter stay when necessary.

2 weeks we charge: 1,000 US dollars

4 weeks we charge: 1,500 US dollars