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TSAVO Volunteers realizes that it is difficult to conserve wildlife without involving the communities and school kids for this reason. In this regard we try to work close to the people and show them the importance of the great inheritance they have and how to utilize the wildlife resource they have without harming the wildlife.

Tsavo Volunteers has given out incentives to the communities that live close to the wildlife area. This is also to appreciate the people for being co-operative for their work of trying to preserve the wildlife species within their territories.


Apart from giving incentives to the communities, Tsavo is trying to develop sustainable projects that can help these poor communities to improve their living standards. The precious wildlife has created havoc in people life’s and also destroyed the produce from the farms of the people and thus creating enmity between wildlife and people. Many families have lost at least one member because of elephants or buffalo attacks. Many local cattle have been killed by lions and cheetahs, which has created conflict between humans and wildlife. This is why giving people alternatives by developing sustainable projects is so vital.


We believe in caring for the people, who in return care for the wildlife without much pressure. Our projects have made a truly significant impact to the people around the conservancy. We have witnessed a dramatic change in people's behavior towards wildlife, though we still have a lot to do to reach out to everybody and ensure the safety of our wildlife.

School uniforms donation

Tsavo Volunteers, with the help of sponsors, have provided more than 200 school uniforms in 4 primary schools that are close to the Park. In addition to the uniforms, we donated school bags, shoes, pens and pencils. Children from this area walk at least 5 kilometers to reach their schools every day, maneuvering through elephants and buffalo.  Most of them used to go barefoot, despite the intense heat of Tsavo.

School desks and chairs

The Mwashoti primary school has benefited from the Tsavo Volunteers program: We gave desks, chairs and tables to the school. Previously, the schoolchildren had to write on the floor, but now they have a much more comfortable and effective learning environment because of our donations.

Tree planting project

We have started to plant trees in the schools and train the pupils on waste management. Most of the children have started to plant trees and water them at their homesteads. Because these kids do not have a balanced diet, we decided to introduce fruit trees, which could supplement the food they eat at home.

Feeding program

We are running a lunch program in 2 schools, and this has had a great impact on the community.  The local people are poor, and animals eat a lot of what they plant. Most of the children leave their homes hungry, which has really impaired their academic performance. With all the challenges surrounding them every day, they can lose sight of the important role of wildlife as part of their cultural inheritance.  We realized it would greatly relieve these affected communities by providing some food to their children.